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6 Long-Term Investment Instruments. Newest in 2022


6 Long-Term Investment Instruments. Newest in 2022

Now many people have realized that investment is an important thing to do because besides being able to make money easily, investment can also make you rich and automatically your future is guaranteed.

Basically, investment is dividedinto two instruments, namely long-term investment and short-term investment.

For long-term investments areusually chosen by investors who want their money to continue to increase or profit in the future and people who make long-term investments aim to guarantee their future will be brighter. So that in retirement they can relax without thinking about their income anymore because they already have a guaranteed long-term investment,

But this long-term investmentrequires a mature strategy, especially about consistency. It is not an easy thing to stay invested for a long time because many people are impatient and also need money.

It is true that when viewed froma long-term investment period, this is quite long, which is more than 5 years and therefore long-term investing should be done as early as possible, so that the profits you get will be more and more.

But as an investor you have to be careful because every investment has risks that can harm you on a large or small scale, because the risks in each investment instrument are different.

So here are 6 long-term investment instruments that you can use:

1. Gold.

Everywhere, if you already know the name of investment, you certainly don't miss this investment, because gold investment is an investment instrument that is profitable and has the least risk.

Gold also has a stable currency value and continues to increase in the market, therefore, this instrument is one of the safest types of long-term investments.

Besides being safe, investing in gold can also be said to be quite easy because you only need to buy gold from a trusted store then you just have to store it well at home.

But be careful now that there are many people who offer fake gold, therefore you must be careful when buying gold from a store and make sure the gold has a special note and the shop where you buy it must also be trusted.

It is better to buy gold in the form of bars/precious metals because it has a currency value that continues to rise compared to gold in the form of jewelry where gold jewelry has many discounted costs such as the cost of making motifs/models, carat costs and other costs, so the value will be higher. settle down and if it rises it will not be too high in contrast to gold bullion/precious metals.


Stocks are one of the most attractive long-term investments, with the price of goods rising high: rising prices of goods are the key to achieving large profits but sometimes these goods also fall very rapidly so that this investment instrument is often shunned by novice investors, and stocks has a greater risk than other investments, but with the right tips you can turn stocks into profitable long-term investments.

For those of you who want to invest in this stock you have to follow market sentiment, keep updating knowledge about the economy that affects prices, act quickly if there is important news and of course use stop loss (SL)

3. Properties.

Property investment is also interesting and profitable for you to live, whether it's land or building investment, and this investment has been in great demand by investors.

Using this instrument is indeed beneficial for your future because land prices will increase every year. For example: the price of land you bought 2 years ago was $33,500, and now there is a new investor who wants to buy your land for $46,900. from here you have seen the huge profits from the land and on average if you calculate, the investment value of the property increases by up to 20% every year.

But unfortunately, this investment is less attractive to young people because it uses high capital, where the price of a property can reach hundreds of millions and even billions, especially if the location of the property is in a city area.

But even though it has a very expensive price, of course the benefits that will be obtained will be very large.

And there are 2 types of properties that you can live with, namely:

1. Commercial Property: rent out shop houses, hotels, apartments and so on

2. Residential Property: renting out residential properties such as houses, rented houses, or boarding houses.

Here you can choose what you do with your property investment whether it is sold, rented or upgraded and make sure it will provide benefits for you.



4. Equity Mutual Funds.

In the investment world, stock mutual funds are one type of investment that is quite a lot of interest by the public because of the return that is considered promising. Although investment is known as the principle of high risk and high return, the risk of equity mutual funds is fairly high, but so are the higher profits.

The risk of equity mutual funds is higher than other types of mutual funds, such as money market mutual funds, fixed income mutual funds and mixed mutual funds. However, for those of you who are familiar with the risk of stock mutual funds, of course, there are ways to avoid losses. and if you are a beginner then you should often ask seniors who use equity mutual fund investment instruments.

The way stock mutual funds work is very different from playing stocks normally. Where stock mutual fund investors do not need to intervene to observe stock price fluctuations. All of that has been done by the investment manager (MI), but before you decide to choose an equity mutual fund instrument, you should know the principles of stock mutual funds.



5. Bonds.

Bonds can also be a long-term investment instrument that should be considered. Where these bonds are securities issued from cooperatives, individuals, or the government. In this investment, interest and profits are usually recorded within a certain period of time. Purchases can only be made when there is an open offer.

Bond maturity can range from 1 to 10 years. The benefits that you can get, namely fixed income from the investment products you have.

There are two types of bonds that you can choose, namely bonds issued by companies and from the government. Usually the return you can get is 6% per year, and is reduced by 15% tax.

For bonds that are up to 10 years, choose the one issued by the government because it has guaranteed security. Because the government always has cash reserves to pay its debts.

But remember you have to be careful when choosing debt securities issued by cooperatives or individuals because maybe one day the cooperative goes bankrupt and closes so you can't take your money back and so do individuals.


6. Term savings.

For those of you who are a beginner, you can also make term savings an appropriate long-term investment. But distinguish term savings with your regular savings. In a futures savings system like this, you are asked to save regularly within a pre-agreed period of time.

Time savings, of course, have the advantage that the interest value of these savings is greater than ordinary savings. This savings is suitable for those of you who will need special funds such as pension funds and education funds for your children or grandchildren, and withdrawals from this savings cannot be arbitrary because there are special rules that have been previously agreed upon. So your funds are really invested and can only be withdrawn at certain times.

Well, those are 6 long-term investment instruments that are suitable for you a beginner. so immediately start to invest because this will guarantee your future for the better. But remember you should never invest if your economy is already difficult because this investment can really guarantee if the investment you are making is profitable, but it will be disastrous if your investment fails, because you can go bankrupt. So think before you start investing.

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